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Let's get your novel, your story, your experience published as a book.  You will be seen and heard.  Big publishing firms don't care.  We are small.  We respond quicker.  We relate with you because we've been there.   We hold your hand all the way till your book is out! We will make you to attract the big publishing firms.

Are you dreaming of being in the music industry?  Wanna to be an artist or just wanna do the music business?  Talk to us.  Our in-house current and retired musicians know what you need to get into the market.  When you get there, you become a competitor and a participant in the market.  The sky will be your limit, but we will help you with the first step - coming out with a bang!

Regular Journals and Newsletters will take your business or organization to the next level.  Do not overlook the power of these tools.  If you do not know your way around it, contact us.  Our seamless publishing system will get you up and running in no time.  We can teach you the ropes and get you to do it yourself.

Do you want to be an owner of a newspaper?  Your questions are answered.  All you need do is ask them now.   We will put all our tools to work for you, and your newspaper will roll out at its regular interval.  The Feasibility Study is customized and automated for you and your budget.  You will be amazed at how inexpensive that venture is. Call HOME and ABROAD USA Publishing (919) 875-1718, (910) 822-7700, (919) 264-7882.  You may also email us with your questions.

Current Hot Titles:

You can purchase these titles by mailing the correct amount to address shown at the bottom of this page, then click on the appropriate item to send us an e-mail informing us that your order is in the mail. Add shipping/handling $3.00

West African Hebrews: From Exodus, Through West Africa, Up To Slavery in America - by Dr. Frederick Nwosu. * Order the CD ($10.00) * Order the DVD ($15.00) * Order the VHS Tape ($7.00) * Order the Audio Tape ($5.00) *

POEMS (From A Brave Heart) - by Victor C. Nwosu. Order this book ($10.00)

KNOWING HIM (In A Broad Spectrum of Leadership Perspectives) - by Dr. Arthur Freds Nwosu. Order this book ($15.00)

My Husband Has Risen Again - by Grace Freds. Order this book (10.00)

A Life Through Poetry - by Yusuf A. Mateen. Order this book ($7.50)

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