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Dr. Frederick Nwosu

Dr. Frederick Nwosu is a business consultant. He is experienced in Sales and Marketing Training. As a management consultant, speaker, writer and publisher, he has helped, and still helping aspiring talents in these areas. He has written articles in diverse news media. His use of language is highly impressive, and this has endeared him to many listeners across the globe. Some of his works include "KNOWING HIM", "he Return of the Stars", "Concepts in 21st Century Business" , etc. Booking Dr. Frederick Nwosu.


Grace Freds

Grace Freds is seasoned in the area of Early Child-hood Education. She has handled children from birth through twelve. Her passion has remained with birth through kindergarten. As a consultant in the area of Early Childhood, she brings to the table a vast breadth of knowledge and experience. She has four children that are involved in instrumental and vocal music, dance and poetry. She is a recording artist as well as a professional trainer in the areas of:

Day Care Centers
Kindergarten Education
Birth through Kindergarten
Family Care

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Eclipse Ventures, Incorporated

Eclipse Consulting is part of the Eclipse Ventures corporation founded by Dr. Frederick Nwosu. This is an organization that is dedicated to the concept of consolidation. It is also fervent in the study and understanding of the concept of globalization. With business connections in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa, Eclipse Ventures, Inc. has continued to put proactive individuals as well as modern-day organizations in touch with the reality of today’s business.


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