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FINANCE makes the money.

MARKETING spends the money.

CONSUMER pays for the money.

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IMPORTANT: If you are in this program getting ready to become a mentor but have not kept your first one-on-one appointment, you are losing time, and could be dropped from the program. Everyone in the program is on a journey that could take between two and five years. In your one-on-one meeting, you will learn how to make use of all the information on this mentoring program page as well as information from the Web Seminars. The knowledge enables you to complete your journey ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE. Make your first official mentor appointment today. It is FREE. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have. Now is the time to receive what you want to give to those you will begin to mentor.


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Corporate Finance Workshop


Are you a corporation with managers and executives that lack the required understanding of basic Finance and Accounting? Have you discovered that they slow down decisions without knowing? Let us come in and give them a workshop so that they can become intangible assets instead of operating liabilities.

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Corporate Executive Finance Training


Are you an executive in a company, but not in the area of Finance and Accounting?

Have you discovered that your lack of Finance and Accounting knowledge is secretly affecting your progress and upward mobility?

Schedule an Appointment TODAY.

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I got the information below from my very good friend, Marc Cram, an expert in one tough area of Finance. Randy Pausch is a young man in his mid forties who is dying from cancer. This really is supposed to be his last lecture at the time he was told that he had three to six months to live. He gave this his supposedly final lecture at Carnegie Mellon University on September 18th. We do not want such a rare gem to die. Listening to his lecture, you can tell that his mental and psychological attitude can stop him from dying. However, we do not know when that ultimate call will be made by the most powerful force. The link below takes you to the journeys of Randy Pausch and others, with critical lessons of life while we are still on this planet. This is why I am a Finance Coach so as to make you aware of what happens within the markets where money is bought and sold (as the product). Money is what everyone needs in order to accomplish life's dreams and leave footprints on the sands of time for their children and communities. Either way, I hope this gives you some inspiration to go out and achieve your own dreams and to encourage your children and friends to do the same. In case the lecture is removed, there are links to about five inspiring personalities


CMU Lecture:

Here's to your dreams coming true




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