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Grace Freds

Early Childhood Education Consultant

Through Client Development Services, I am helping individuals that want to be in Child Day Care business to set up.  Those that are already in the business are also getting help in publicity, management, government regulations, catchment areas, handling children with special needs, paperwork, etc.  Child care providers in my network stand the chance of receiving up-to-date information without spending their precious time looking.  I make it my utmost desire to fish out all the necessary information that put your day care centers in a very viable and competitive position.  Day Care Centers that are not performing up to their expected levels are also able to recieve help to catapult them over such hurdles.   Several factors inhibit growth and development of a day care center.  Those factors normally succumb to research.  Research is the backbone of my consulting activities.  I am, therefore, able to take a critical look at your day care center, identify and isolate the impeding factor, and help eliminate, modify or otherwise process it, to the benefit of your day care center.



Sharon Davis Care Center is just being opened in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Workshop on "Child Care in the Urban Areas" will be held soon.   Please e-mail your request to paprticipate, or any questions you may have.

If you are planning to start a home day care center, and do not know exactly how to go about it, please send me an e-mail or call (919) 876-3131 or (910)822-7700.



For those that desire to have me come out and speak to your daycare center employees or your Kindergarten teachers, I will deliver to you the practical knowledge that I acquired from attending several Seminars, Workshops and Training Classes organized by North Carolina Child Development agencies, Shaw University Graduate School and Child Care Resource and Referral. Beforeschool and Afterschool program providers need to receive valuable pieces of information that are available through my programs.

Your speaking engagement requests should be directed to (919) 876-3131 or (910)822-7700. You may also send me your e-mails to:


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