2008 Youth Igbo Language Continuous Boot Camp

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Can Your Child Speak Your Own Native Igbo Tongue?

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Grace Freds

Igbo Language Educator

Through Igbo Language Training, young American children born to Igbo-speaking parents are able to understand their parents when they speak their first language. Igbo communities in the United States and other foreign nations are getting stronger and stronger. Their youth groups are beginning to make great impact in their respective communities. However, if these young people (of any age) are unable to share confidential moments with their parents, uncles and aunts, their family heritage may be up for grabs by alein cultures. There are virtues in knowing foreign languages. Igbo is no less than French, Latin, Germany, Greek, etc. Enroll your child now in the continuous Igbo Language Boot Camp - ground campus or online campus. They will get tremendous help that will amaze everyone that may be observing them.


2008 Ongoing Boot Camp

Enroll your child in the Igbo Language Camp designed to equip your child for effective communication in Igbo Language. Enrollment has started. Please call, come or e-mail your enrollment request in order to reserve a spot for your child in this very limited seating program.

Start Date: Continuous

Ground Schedule: Monday through Friday, 9.00 am - 12.00 noon

Enrollment: $15.00 per child.

Fees: $50.00 per week per child

Don't miss this opportunity!

Enroll your child now!!

Sitting is limited!!!

Location: 3607 Buffaloe Road Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: (919) 876-3131

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"Grammar Practice and Culture in Ibo Language"
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E-mail: gracefreds@arthurfreds.com



For those that desire to have me come out and speak to your daycare center employees or your Kindergarten teachers, I will deliver to you the practical knowledge that I acquired from attending several Seminars, Workshops and Training Classes organized by North Carolina Child Development agencies, Shaw University Graduate School and Child Care Resource and Referral. Beforeschool and Afterschool program providers need to receive valuable pieces of information that are available through my programs.

Your speaking engagement requests should be directed to (919) 876-3131..


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