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By Grace Freds

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Grace Freds

Curriculum and Instruction Consultant

Accepting Speaking Engagements

Anyone who is challenged by the academic or scholarly research process may acquire a copy of a book that my husband and I co-authored in the subject area of research process. That book currently in press. If you need to use prior to its official release, and are consequently unable to get it, you may request specific piece of information from it (which will be given to you at no cost), you should properly cite it since APA allows writers and researchers to cite a book that is still in press. This material is in the press now. Just look at the APA Manual, Version 6 and see how it wants you to cite a material in the press. Until it comes out in March, it may be cited, but listed in reference as follows:
Nwosu, G.O. & Nwosu, F.O. (2010). Fundamentals of Scientific Research: Doctoral Dissertation Process Sequencing. Unpublished Manuscript.
When the above book comes out, it will be available at,,,,,,, My husband and I have been working with doctoral students from different universities. They need so much help in their research - I mean all areas of research. I have been in the classroom for 32 years teaching. I have done nothing other than teaching. My Ph.D. pursuit here is in Education (Curriculum and Instruction). My husband had his doctoral education from Capella University. He first moved from University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies (doctoral program in Organizational Leadership), transferred to Regent University's Ph.D. program in Organizational Leadership. From there he transferred to Capella University and finally had his Ph.D. in Business (Organization and Management). In essence, he spent 10 years doing those transfers. Some thought that he would not graduate, but was gathering knowledge in research process, in Finance, in Organizational Leadership and in Business. Today he is the chair of Finance, Control and Risk Management at the Raleigh, NC Campus of the University of Phoenix. Doctoral students across North Carolina who know about him rely on his academic guidance. He is mentoring several of them. I bring the educational, curriculum and designing piece to his mentoring and academic consulting for all his clients. Now you may even cite this book if you get hold of material from it. If you need help with it contact me, and I'll be glad to help. Below is my husband's already published book for those in the Finance and Management areas:
Nwosu, F. (2009). Corporate Profitability: The Knowledge Management, Succession Planning, Decision-Making and Risk Analysis Mix. Berlin, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.
It is available at the places mentioned above. These resources are helpful for those in the advanced academic journey.
Frederick Nwosu:,
Grace Nwosu:

For those that desire to have Eclipse Educational Consulting come out and speak to their advanced graduate students, we will deliver to the audience practical knowledge that was acquired from attending several Seminars, Workshops and Training Classes organized, receiving the highest level of education in the fields of Academic Research, Finance, Education, Early Childhood Education, Global Management, Curriculum and Instruction Designs, International Business.

All requests should be directed to Eclipse Educational Consulting (919) 876-3131. You may also send e-mails to:


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