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I want to start by introducing myself to you. I am Grace Nwosu, an educator, researcher and early childhood consultant with twenty-seven years of teaching experience in Kindergarten, Elementary School, Secondary School, College and day care centers at various levels, including my own day care center. It has become necessary for me to come out directly with these offerings in order to help all those in this career path, as well as people pursing business in the area of early childhood education. My direct encounter, with children from birth to fifth grade in the various schools and day care centers, reveals more than you can find in the textbooks. My local and international college students gain the best of both worlds as a result of real world experience that have become a necessity in today’s learning environment.


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In order to effectively deliver the knowledge and experience to you, I am combining such experience with my advanced graduate school exposure in all the above areas to deliver quality training to those who will teach Birth through Kindergarten, and even up to fifth grade. While dealing with the youth of today, with all the crime and violence that have characterized their lives, we have identified the need to drastically reduce tomorrow’s violence by looking in the direction of these young children.

Now, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s take a ride!

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  1. 2009 Youth Igbo Language Summer Camp
  2. A Presentation on "The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care" (A book by Diane Trister Dodge and Laura J. Colker)
  3. Montessori Curriculum
  4. Professional Dilemma in Education: Challenges Affecting Teachers
  5. Children’s Television
  6. Dealing with ADHD in United States Classrooms
  7. A Model Administrator's Guidebook and Worksheet
  8. Teaching Materials in Categories of Literacy/Reading
  9. Teaching Materials in Categoreis of Numeracy/Mathematics
  10. Piagetian Theory of Cognition
  11. Special Population Resource: The ADHD Example
  12. Grammar Practice and Culture in Ibo Language
  13. Academic Research Resources

A Student's Learning Journey
While in the kindergarten class, the teacher was like a mother. We were afraid of that teacher. While in the elementary school, we had enough courage to beg the teacher for permission for something (whatever that was). While in the middle school, we begin to think that we got everything under control, and can take care of our own stuff. While in the high school, the teacher is almost nobody. He is just paid to stay in that classroom while we come in, go out to another classroom, leave that one and go to the next. We think that we can go in and out of these classrooms and successfully do 'our stuff' without his interruption. While in the baccalaureate, we have courage; but we desperately need the professor's help (to give us 'A') in the class that he or she is teaching. At least, we need the professor. He is in some sort of demand. While in the graduate school, we are great today and equal with the instructor and little tomorrow after receiving a 'C' from him or her for not following the rubrics. We love the instructor today and hate him or her tomorrow, but yet, we need him or her to pass us in his or her course. While in the advanced studies (doctoral) we are afraid of the instructor. Drama is going on in our heads - "The instructor is just a human being. No. He or she can do or undo. I will call my mentor tomorrow unfailingly. When tomorrow comes, the spirit in me cannot make the call. I am desperate. I do not want to offend the mentor. I love the mentor. I hate the mentor. I need the mentor. I need to get out of this process. I cannot get out of the process without the mentor's signature. I love the mentor so much so that I cannot afford to lose contact with him or her. I still want to get out of this process, and talk about the relationship later." The drama stops only after the final dissertation is approved. The dissertation drama may last between 12 and 24 months. The entire program drama may last 48 to 56 months. NEED WE STILL SAY IT?

I urge you to visit this site regularly as I will be adding more informative and educative materials on a real-time basis. Those materials are guaranteed to reflect today’s learning environment in the early childhood arena.


For those that desire to have me come out and speak to your daycare center employees or your Kindergarten teachers, I will deliver to you the practical knowledge that I acquired from attending several Seminars, Workshops and Training Classes organized by North Carolina Child Development agencies and Child Care Resource and Referral. Beforeschool and Afterschool program providers need to receive the information that is available through my programs.

Your speaking engagement requests should be directed to (919) 876-3131. You may also send me your e-mails to:

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